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I am Sandhya Hariharan, a Londoner by Choice,South Indian by birth with an upbringing in Mumbai fondly known as Bombay in India. There is diversity in Taste, Language, Culture,Style and eagerness to learn  anytime. 
At the moment, I have taken a sabbatical from my IT - HR job and have become a busy SAH mum having a tom and jerry time between my kids.When I am not running behind them , I am either chilling quietly having a 'ME' time or in my kitchen developing ,examining and reshaping the recipes or I am having fun with my camera in our third bedroom turned studio.

My first introduction to blogging was for my little boy Vedant aka my lil V /Lil Monster, when he was born. Established a blog to record his activities, doting his milestone moments, captivating them with pictures, so that some years down the lane , It would be a treasure cove..

Ever since we got married, way back in 2005 , I have been collecting recipes of dishes and cuisines that I enjoy from Amma , my mother in law , my granny, Aunts, friends.I wanted to compile them all in an online journal . that was the conspiratorial beginning of Sandhya’s Kitchen in 2009. A beginning of a Gastronomy Blog. A space that was meant to be personal and just for my own record. Gazing through the wonderful blogs online,I let Sandhya's Kitchen come to Life with a new beginning , a new story to unfold with each post.

My Love &  Passion for Cooking grew after meeting this handsome Hunk Mr SK who would never tire of praising and appreciating everything I cook. No matter how disastrous it could be. By Product of this Passion is also Sandhya's Kitchen. My basic cooking skills has been drilled into me by my Mum. I had never read a cookbook before until I started to blog. Just loved to cook whatever I glimpse and relish..

I have always been inspired by Chef Gordon Ramsay's tele programs for the way he brings together the fresh produce with neat flavours,presence of mind and adorns the food to be served.He would always remark to do everything with passion, use fresh produce , present it the way you would love treat your palate". Absolutely believe his saying and it is my mantra too .
Sandhya's Kitchen … is a passionate culinary corner where I ponder and experiment cooking. Its food blog about world cooking,baking,photography,cultures and cuisines.

 I am infatuated about food photography,food styling and working on recipes, Every post in my blog is designed with utmost care and enough time is taken to do it ardently.I believe in Less is More!! So whatever you do, do it for serenity.
I wouldn't call my self the " REFINE" COOK , still a Learner every day !  I would give due credits to Time, Nostalgic feeling, love for new flavours and No Aid!! 
Taking one strand at a time, here at Sandhya's Kitchen ,I present some of mine, some of the tested recipes from friends and my families to all the food loving people.
So, here I am, a Stirring Mummy, who is combatting in her daily routine being a full time cook, a referee between her fussy kids,a passionate wife, an obsessive amateur food photographer,budding writer and an art director at Sandhya's Kitchen.

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Have good time going through Sandhya's Kitchen but no Hot linking Images.
To request for permission or for commercial use of photos or content , Write to me AT sandhyaskitchen[AT]Yahoo[DOT]com

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