Its been on my mind to write an impetuous About page. Although never really mustered time & got the right scripture to pen down. I created an About me Column in the RHS side bar when this blog kicked off 2.5 years  5 years ago , but now I feel , its High Time , I have a Page .

A West – Indian ( Mumbai) upbringing in a South Indian gal .Right now residing in London.There is diversity in Taste , Language, Culture,Style  and eagerness to learn more anytime. An IT - HR professional , now a SAH Mum being a referry between Vedant ( known as V) and Shreya ( Miss S who is nearly 2 years old  now).

My basic cooking skills has been drilled into me by my Mum .I have never read a cookbook before until I started to blog. Just love to cook whatever I glimpse and relish..

My Culinary Guru is Gordon Ramsay. I am so thoroughly inspired by him . “He would always mention in his programs , do it with passion , use fresh produce , present it the way you would love treat your palate".

Sandhya's Kitchen

My first introduction to blogging was for my little boy Vedant aka my lil V /Lil Monster when he was born. Established a blog on him,doting his milestone moments ,capturing them in the form of pictures , so that some years down the lane , It would be a treasure cove..
After a year and half , one fine morning I felt why not compile a soft copy of all the recipes I have collected in my Recipe Book. Started writing in my notepad .. and then it occurred to me ..Lets work up a Gastronomy Blog. That’s the conspiratorial beginning of Sandhya’s Kitchen.
My Love & Passion for Cooking grew after meeting this handsome Hunk Mr SK who would never tire of praising and appreciating everything I cook. No matter how disastrous it could be. By Product of this Passion is Sandhya's Kitchen.
Sandhya's Kitchen is a very passionate culinary corner where I ponder & experiment Cooking..

All the recipes in this blog are created with utmost affection....I never attempt to copy any recipe, rather try do some variations and give it a personal touch . Source for my recipes are an A la carte - from  parents , parents -in - law ,grandma , friends , tele programs , cook books ( less .. coz I hardly read books) , recipes collected over years, internet  ,off course own innovation,invention and experiments..All recipes in this blog are tested and cooked by me. Most South Indian recipes are inspired from our family cooking. More recipes are under progress and will be added from time to time.  Any recipe adopted from any cookbook,blog,webpage or person will be given due credit for it !!!


All the pictures and contents on Sandhya's Kitchen are protected by United Kingdom and International Copyright Laws unless otherwise noted, and should not be reproduced, published or displayed without the prior written permission from me.
Information on this blog is not to be used in any form for publishing on other websites, mailing lists, commercial purposes or other media without explicit permission from me. You cannot reproduce, modify, display, alter, distribute or build upon the content of Sandhya's Kitchen.
Have good time going through Sandhya's Kitchen but no Hotlinking Images.
To request for permission or for commercial use of photos or content , Write to me AT sandhyaskitchen[AT]Yahoo[DOT]com

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