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I am Sandhya Hariharan, a Londoner by Choice,South Indian by birth with an upbringing in Mumbai fondly known as Bombay in India. There is diversity in Taste, Language, Culture,Style and eagerness to learn  anytime.

Over the Years, I have collected and am collecting recipes , some traditional and some classic from Family and Friends.I wanted to compile them all in an online journal . A beginning of a Gastronomy Blog. A space that was meant to be personal and just for my own record. Gazing through the wonderful blogs online,I let Sandhya's Kitchen come to Life with a new beginning , a new story to unfold with each post. 

Sandhya's Kitchen … is a passionate culinary corner where I ponder and experiment cooking. Its food blog about world cooking,baking,photography,cultures and cuisines.

I wouldn't call my self a "REFINE" COOK, still a Learner every day !  I would give due credits to Time, Nostalgic feeling, love for new flavours and No Aid!! 

So, here I am, a Stirring Mummy, who is combating in her daily routine being a full time cook, a referee between her fussy kids,a passionate wife, an obsessive amateur food photographer & food stylist,budding writer and an art director at Sandhya's Kitchen.

All the pictures and contents on Sandhya's Kitchen are protected by United Kingdom and International Copyright Laws unless otherwise noted, and should not be reproduced, published or displayed without the prior written permission from me.
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Have good time going through Sandhya's Kitchen but no Hot linking Images.
To request for permission or for commercial use of photos or content , Write to me AT sandhyaskitchen[AT]Yahoo[DOT]com

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