Homemade Chocolates - Solid / Moulded for Christmas

Its beginning to feel Christmas has finally arrived after a month long wait... Aaah !! But its still Christmas Eve today ! What better way can it be to rejoice with near & dear other than with Chocolate ???
Tis also the season for homemade goodies as people cook for family, friends, and colleagues and their ovens go on overdrive.  I bet there is no other month that can boast of such an overload of cookies, candy, cakes and sweets as much as December can.  The sweet aroma of baking, spices, and sugar wafts through the air and its a good time to make this no bake goody  with your lil ones whilst the oven is engaged . It's  extremely easy , indulgent and I bet, you just can't stop with one!
I take this lovely opportunity in wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas !!
-100gm Dark Chocolate ( 70% Cocoa)
-100gm Plain Chocolate
-2 Drops of Vanilla Essence /Any other essence of your choice
-12 squares of Chocolate Wrappers
-Chocolate Mould
-10-15 Nos of Darks/Milk Chocolate Chips
The process looks elaborate , but it is quite simple and just needs to be done carefully. It takes a little less than 30 minutes to pour the chocolates in the mould.
Method of melting chocolate
  • Prepare a double boiler , by placing a small sauce pan/ bowl over a pan of hot water.Fill the bottom pan with 1” of water and allow it to boil. Reduce to simmer.
  • Break the chocolate pieces into small equal pieces and add them to the small sauce pan that sits on the pan of water.
  • Once the chocolate begins to melt , stir gently with a silicon spatula. When the chocolate is nearly melted, turn of the gas and keep them aside.
  • Temper the chocolate by stirring continuously for 1-2 minutes until fully melted and glossy. Make sure there are no lumps or air trapped to distract the texture of the chocolate.
Preparing the Chocolate for Moulds
  • Carefully add in 2 drops of essence of choice .. I have used vanilla essence to one portion and butterscotch to the other. If you are looking to use nuts , keep them ready . I have used white and dark chocolate chips in them for the little ones to indulge further . Keep them aside too.
  • Put the  melted chocolates in the chocolate trays to fill the moulds up to  3/4.Insert chocolate chip pieces and fill a little more of the chocolate. I had a multi shape mould in 1 that can accommodate 12 chocolates. Using a pallete knife ,scrape off any excess chocolate  . Keep it in fridge for 30 minutes to set.  Unmould by gently tapping from the back .
  • Wrap gently and keep refrigerated. Treat your little friends and family with this indulgence.
Use oil soluble essence in chocolates. DO NOT use our regular vanilla essence that goes in the bakes. We are looking to keep the moisture away with chocolates.
One can use just plain or just dark chocolate , its entirely personal choice.. Jazzing up with nuts / Choco chips is again a just a variation.

Sending it across to Lets Cook for Christmas - Red & Green , an event organised by Nayna of Simply Food. 


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