Apple Tomato Chutney

Can I say my wish came true gazing at an apple tree…
My neighbour across the fence grows the best British cooking apples  - Bramley apples.. Shear Green apples ..We have seen them grown and been plucked too.. Wished we could hit a stone and grab one…
Looks like we had a lucky charm that day …

Our neighbours… buzzed saying.. “ Excuse Me .. We are plucking the apple from the tree and will be selling over the weekend at the church “.

One eyebrow raised , I said in a low tone .. “ Oh ok… “

Neighbours – “ Am not asking you to buy them… . Would you mind having some of them ?? “

Alll excited and eagerly … said “ Oh sure… I wud love too.. Thanks a ton ..”

My joy knew no bound.. I kept wondering what shall I cook with them.. . My next door British neighbour came to my rescue.. and suggested making apple crumble..   Started with my process of apple crumble.Had stewed the apples with sugar and water .. and then realised I don't have any butter left for the crumble ..( I did manage to make my crumble  much later though )
Didnt know what to do ???  Tasted the stewed apples and found they werent sweet , quite sour.. Only tomatoes could gel well with them.. There goes with the invention of my Apple Tomato Chutney.
Bramley Apples 2 large nos ,Peeled , Cored & sliced
Chopped Tomatoes 1 Can of 400gm
Dried Red Chillies 5 Nos chopped into 2
Sugar 2 Tblspn
Cinnamon Powder 1 Tsp
Ginger Powder 1 Tsp
Salt To Taste
Chilli Flakes 1/2 tsp
  • Place the apples, sugar along with water just enough to cover them in a saucepan. Bring them to boil , simmer and cook until tender .
  • Add in chopped tomatoes along with cinnamon powder , ginger powder and dried red chillies to the stewed apple. Top it up with required amount of salt. Reduce heat, simmer & cook  , stirring occasionally until the chutney thickens.
  • Let the chutney cool , and transfer them into a sterilised container.Drizzle the chilli flakes onto the top. Enjoy them as an accompaniment with thepla’s ( methi roti’s ) or paratha’s .


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