Chocolate Truffle

Bet You  just cant stop with One !!! My foremost pallete love with Truffle was early this year when a  family friend brought us a box of Belgian chocolate truffle.
Thought process with every bite ..
 First bite and erm… erm…  there is a bit more cocoa powder 
Second bite and… erm … Its melting…  ,Smile & a lil wink,
Just one more bite… and I am loving it….
Just loved them and cudnt stop with one!!  Had my second go at it …. It was yummilicious…

To get to my perfect chocolate truffle recipe , I did my bit of research .Every recipe had its type , making procedure ,consistency , cooling process & coating …  I wanted to enjoy a simple chocolate truffle in its original flavours and not any fancy one with nuts or more…. Without buying any fancy essentials, my kitchen stock had all the required ingredients and I cud kick off the process immediately. Isnt tat  absolute pleasure ,when things happen as planned ( instant planning) ????


Plain Chocolate 75 gm
Dark Chocolate – 70% Cocoa 100 gm
Whipped Cream / Double Cream 75 ml
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Cocoa powder 4-5 Tblspn
Icing Sugar 3-4 tsp

Use extremely good quality chocolate & cocoa powder for making Truffle. Everything comes from them… I have used Lindt Chocolates and Cadbury Cocoa Powder here.
  • Pour the Whipping Cream onto a milk pan. You could alternatively use Double Cream / Extra Thick fresh cream. Bring the cream to a rolling boiling point with continuous whisking. Turn of the gas and add in all the chocolate pieces.Blend them together with thorough mixing until we get a smooth mixture ,called ganache.
  • Throw in some vanilla essence and give the ganache a good stir.
  • Cover it with cling film and allow it to set in the fridge for roughly 1- 1.5 hours. It can take slightly longer for some..
  • When the mixture has set, use a teaspoon or a melon scooper to spoon out bite-sized pieces. Dust your hands lightly with icing sugar to prevent them sticking and roll the pieces into balls in the palms of your hands.
  • Immediately roll the truffles in sifted cocoa powder and place on the prepared tray to set.
  • Alternatively , just scoop out the set ganache with a tea spoon and gently drop a few onto the plate dusted with a bit of cocoa powder. Dust cocoa powder with the help of a tea strainer onto them. This will give us rock like appearance truffles. Lesser handling the chocolates is better as the warmth of the palm will cause them to melt.
Storing & Serving
The truffles should be kept in an airtight container in the fridge. Dust a little extra cocoa powder  with a tea strainer before serving to freshen them up. You can also keep the truffles in indivisual paper cases .
My lovely tasters  just close their eyes when they have the whole thing and explained the slow transformation of  bitter coco powder to the melting chocolate until its all gone.. I wud say , This is Bingo for people who love truffle and appreciate a bit of dark chocolate..


Variations :
You could use in some nuts , icing sugar , melted chocolate for rolling the truffle. Try splashing sum bailey’s irish cream / rum for liquerish truffles.
For people prefering less of dark chocolate , use just plain chocolate for melting.


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