Break ke Baad… ( See you after the Break )

Well I m not going to talk about the movie “Break ke Baad” , instead I m going on a holiday and will see you all after the break . For my non Hindi lingual friends.. its literal translation is “ After the Break” ..
I m taking my chill out time and indeed looking forward to it after ONE whole year.. Leaving behind the British Summer , I m going to embrace the fag end of Indian summer.. & begining of Rainy season.. To be precise , I m off to India for 2 Months !! 
Smell of the first rain , wet mud , a bit of chillness , garama garam bhajia / pakoda’s .. loads of gup-shup , gossiping and narration time of  our day to day routine  out here..  Thought of staying carefree about Lil V , eating cooked up meals from the mothers.. and my grandma , hit the eatery in the evening for a pani puri  or a rava idly….  Uuuh.. .now this is getting exciting for me…
Just can’t wait anymore to meet my family & friends.. Have got long due catching up with friends from university & work… Need to get everyone introduced to Lil V… V is in a stage where he understands people , loves to handover presents.. and eagerly looks forward.. Now when I am  packing, V identifies every present /goodie bag with an individual from family and friends.. He is much more excited to give it to them.. Though I know , Lil V will shy away when  new people( anyone he hasn't met for a while) will cuddle him… He will b slowly sneaking from behind the curtain with a cheeky smile struck on his face… With his english accent in his lingo , elders in the house are going to have giggling time most of the time.. We are soo much looking forward to this Smile .
Have got to cover soo many eat outs / restaurants .. Pick loads of  Indian clothing and some props for my toddler ( Sandhya’s Kitchen) ..  They are all in my to do list for this holiday.. Its time to leave in 2 days time ,yet we haven't fully sunk in the mood and climate… Probably when we get to the cab , do the check in , the realisation wud come !!!
Off course I m going to miss writing in my blog  & all of you !!!! I hope my blog caters to the recipes you are looking for until my return and do write to me if you are looking for anything in particular.. Whenever I sneak in my mailbox , will take time and write back to you… But I promise I am going to click tons of pics and return with tons & tons of memories to share…..
Until then !!
Miss ya…


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