Sabudana Vada | Sago Seeds Dumpling

ovely Weekend... With a picnic lunch at Virginia Waters Lake... A good 4.5 miles walk around the lake and enjoying the best of the british summers... on a perfect Sunda.y... Packed a few nans and roti's from the birthday party on Saturday and made Kadai Aloo to go with it :)

Today's post on Sabudana Wada is a creation out of no special occasion or treat. I m just on a spree in finishing the stocks in my pantry.. Thats when I came across this left over Sabudana . I love the way my momma makes Sabudana Khichadi... I havent reached her perfection point.. My hubby found my version not up to the mark.. though I tried a similar way... But not with the wada's . Bingo!! Came out perfect and ideal as a starter or as tea snack . This Sago Seeds Dumpling hails from Maharashtra and is particularly made during fasting.


Sabudana /Sago Seeds1 Cup
Boiled Potatoes 2 Nos
Green Chillies2 Nos
Coriander Leaves Handful
Red Chilli Powder 1.5 Tsp
Roasted Peanut Powder3/4th Cup
SaltTo Taste
OilFor Frying


  • Soak the Sabudana/Sago Seeds in Warm Water for nearly 2 hours and drain all the excess water. They puff up and becomes very soft.
  • Prepare the rest of the ingredients in the mean while. Finely chop coriander leaves and green chillies.Boil the potatoes , peel the skin and mash them.  In 1 tsp of oil , roast the peanuts and corsely grind them.
  • Bring together all the ingredients .Divide them into equal sized balls . Prepare each one for deep frying by picking one of the balls , gently flatten between the palms like pattice . Repeat the process with the rest of the balls. Heat oil in a Kadai and once its ready for frying , add 2 pattice at a time and fry until golden brown. Drain them onto the kitchen towels to soak the excess. 
  • Serve hot with green chutney.


We can bake the Sabunda Wada's alternatively.. Sometimes I enjoy the fried flavours though.
If there is less amount of potatoes in the mixture , chances that it might not give u the right brown color is there.

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