I   have already posted  Aloo Tikki recipe earlier.. Will call this Version 2 ( V.2) .Much more simpler Alu /Potato Cakes recipe and  less time consuming. Got this recipe from my Gujrathi aunt who lives in London. She is quite an expert.. at it:) I was making Aloo Tikki chat and planned the next day some Ragda Patties .. When I was having a quick regular conversation with her.. Thats when I got this sooper easy recipe !!

These Potato Cakes recipe is soo much straightforward . Just mash the boiled potatoes along with some bread , a little masala here and there and just fry it.

Makes 20 medium sized tiki's

Potatoes1.5 kg
White Bread / Brown Bread4 Slices
SaltTo Taste
Chilli Powder 1-2 Tsp ( depending on the hotness)
OilFor Shallow Frying
Corn FlourFor dusting


  • Wash and boil the potatoes. Allow it cool a bit . Make sure to peel and mash when still warm. Once cooled , it will be slightly difficult to get a uniform mash.
  • Tip in Salt & Chilli powder to the  mashed potatoes .Soak the bread in water and squeeze the water out. Add it to the potato mash. Give them a good blend.
  • Prepare the pan for shallow frying.
  • Make small balls out of the potato mash and give them a gentle press between the 2 palms . Dust them with a bit of cornflour and place it in the pan. Repeat this for the rest of the  mash .
  • Shallow fry in batches of 4. Let the heat be in quite a medium flame throughout . Allow the tikki's to turn light brown  on one side  and then flip thro the other side. Once it turns light brown , drain them onto the kitchen tissues to remove the excess oil.
  • Garama Garam Aloo Tikki is ready to be served with Chutney's or Sauce. I used them for Aloo tikki chat that I had prepared for a Bombay Nite potluck at a friend's place.

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