Chilli Soya

Again Chilli Uh?? Yes! But this one is  a little more healthy n Definitely Yummier.....   For Non Soya Lovers... this is definitely bingo !! Try it... out
If you are looking for a desi version for Soya Chunks ,just check out my Dry Soya Chunk's Curry .
Let me know what you think of it .... Also please share how you handle Soya Chunks to eliminate any unacceptable aroma .

Straight to the recipe....


Soya Chunks250gm
Onions1 Nos
Green Pepper1 Nos

For the Marinate:
Low fat yogurt6-7 Tblspn
Grated Ginger 1.5 Tsp
Crushed Garlic3-4 Pods
Chopped Green Chillies2 Nos
Turmeric Powder1 Tsp
Red Chilli Powder1 Tsp - 2 Tsp
Rice Flour3/4th Tblspn
Corn Flour1.5 Tblspn
Tomato Sauce1 Tsp
Soya Sauce 2 Tblspn
SaltTo Taste

Other Ingredients:
Oil4 Tspn
Double Concentrated Tomato Puree1 Tblspn
Spring Onion1 Nos

Optional Vegetables that could be used are baby corn & mixed peppers along with Onion and Green Capsicum.

  • Turn on the kettle.. Once it gets boiling , pour it out into a vessel with a pinch of salt. Drop all the Soya Chunks. Lets it soak in for atleast 15-30 minutes. Once the chunks becomes soft , pass them through running tap water and squeeze out all the excess water.Repeat this process to remove the 'Stink'.
  • Chop the Capsicum and Onions into thin slices , lengthwise.
  • In a medium sized bowl , prepare a marinate by mixing all the ingredients under the marinate header.
  • Drop all the Soya chunks into it and marinate it well. Set aside for atleast 30 minutes -1 hour.
  • Heat oil in a Wok , add in Onions & Green Peppers with just a pinch of salt . Saute them for 3-4 Minutes. Now pop in all the marinated soya chunks and saute them in medium flame for a couple of minutes. Once all the yogurt / water content is evaporated , add the concentrated tomato puree and mix well. Saute until soya chunks gets well coated and cooked.
  • Garnish with Chopped Spring Onions and serve as a starter.


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