Veg Spring Rolls

Spring rolls .. are something I have always fancied .. Given a chance , the first thing I would order in my starters is this lovely apeitiser.
Why not make it at home...?? Difficult isnt it?? NO MORE!!! . Go to any Indian store and pick a Spring Roll Wrapper from the deep freezer and do ur filling and its all done.

Spring Roll Wrapper10 Nos
Shredded Cabbage1 Cup
Grated/Thin Strips of Carrot1 Cup
Chopped Green Chillies3 Nos
Garlic Pods3 Nos chopped finely
Grated Ginger 1 Tblspn
Soya Sauce1 Tblspn
Tomato Sauce2 Tsp
Sweet Chilli Sauce1 Tsp
Vinegar1 Tsp
SaltTo Taste
Ajinomotto (MSG)1 pinch ( optional)
Oil For deep frying

  • Remove the spring roll wrapper from the deep freezer and cover it with a damp cloth. make sure they dont dry up.
  • Prepare a filling for the spring rolls .
  • Heat olive oil in a wok , add white onions , garlic , ginger , green chillies with a pinch of salt. Saute them for 2 -3 minutes. Now add the shredded cabbage and carrots. Stir fry them for another 2 minutes. Add all the sauces - Soya Sauce ,Sweet Chilli sauce & Tomato sauce ,Vinegar & required salt . Stir them for 3-4 minutes , transfer them to a plate  and let them cool.

  • Take each spring roll wrapper , fill in a spoonful of the filling and place it one corner. Brush the egg white on all the four sides of the wrapper. This will ensure good binding. Roll the wrapper from one end carefully folding the mixture and seal it well using the beaten egg. Check this link here for the step by step process for wrapping the spring rolls.
  • Repeat this procedure with the rest of the sheets.
  • Heat oil in a deep frying pan for frying the spring rolls. Deep fry in batches of 3 , until each roll turns light brown . Drain them to a kitchen towel.Serve them hot with tomato ketchup.


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