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Browsing... thro every blog and catching up with old pending posts does show that Most of them had a blast on the valentines .Award showering is another beautiful way of recognising each other . Never realised that I have made 101 lovely friends , who make sure to visit my blog and write such beautiful comments !

Thanks Nivedita and Sowmya for the lovely award.

I would love to share this award with my newest blogger friends - Fathima ,Cicili Anthony , Mekalvijay, Manisha Chawla, Vegie Hut and Jagruthi.. Please collect them and showcase them in your blogs.

My lovely SIL - Gayathri living in atlanta shared this recipe of Pasta Salad with me and I made it for my party starter.


Macroni Pasta 500gm
Mixed Peppers 3Nos sliced length wise 1"
Cherry Tomato 10 Nos
Onion 1 nos sliced lengthwise 1"
Black Olives 1/2 cup
Olive Oil 4 Tblspn
Pesto Sauce 4 Tblspn
Powdered Parmesan Cheese 4-5 Tblspn ( as desired)
Italian seasoning 1 Tblspn
Salt To Taste
Black Pepper 1/2 tsp
Basil leaves 1/4 cup chopped finely( Optional)

  • Cook the pasta by adding sufficient water with few drops of olive oil and salt in a large pot. Once they  are to the aldente consistency , drain the pasta in the vegetable colander and under running tap water. This will avoid the pasta to stick to each other.
  •  Chop the onions lengthwise and cut them into 2 . Similarly for the peppers.
  • Saute onions,bell peppers, black olives for 3 minutes followed by cherry tomatoes for 1/2 a minute. Just ensure they remain crunchy.Turn off the gas...Stir in basil pesto sauce.
  • In a big mixing bowl add cooked pasta, these vegs, parmesan powdered cheese , salt ,black pepper , italian sesoning and fresh basil .Mix them well and serve as a starter for adults and main course for kids. I havent used fresh basil out here.. instead used dried basil .

Do not half the cherry tomatoes. Do not saute them too long too.
This recipe comes right in time for Divya's Show me your salad event.


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