Chocolate Indulgence Layer Cake with Chocolate Fudge Frosting

Boooom !!!!! We had a double birthday bang along with a valentine party that I have been planning for Soo long  on Sunday , the 14th of Feb.!.. A sooper dooper hit...
I would love to thank all my blog friends who helped me in finalising the menu for the party... Guess wot?? My H decided to print a Menu card for the party that every person who comes in , gets to know the ingredients and its authenticity :)

I managed to click shots for most of the delicacies except the Veg Biryani :) Will be posting them in subsequent posts.

Also presented my home made Birthday cake for the boyz celebration... Verdict was.. it was clean sweep... I got my best evercompliment for it.. It tasted better than a professional baker's cake. Wot more wud u expect ?? :)

I made this Chocolate Cake on Friday ( on the Maha Shivrathri Day) - 2 days before the D -Day. So cudnt taste the ingredients as I made it with egg this time. But it did look Yumm... :)
Coming to the recipe ... I have used my own Eggless Chocolate Indulgence Cake  recipe but with a few replacements & Tried a Chocolate Fudge Frosting here.

Ingredients  :

For the Cake:
Self Raising Flour:2 Cups
Baking Powder: 1 Tsp
Baking Soda: 2 Tsp
Unsweetened cocopowder: 1/2 Cup
Plain Chocolate: 75gm
Granulated White Sugar: 1.5 Cups
Low fat Vegetable Oil for lighter baking : 1 Cups
Hot Coffee Decoration: 1 Cup
Milk: 1 Cup

Large Eggs : 4

I had forgotten to include Vanilla essence during the  cake preparation .Realised it after baking the Cake :) .So Added it in the frosting Ingredients.

Frosting Ingredients :

Chocolate(Dark ,Plain,white):225gm
low baking fat butter:100gm
Icing Sugar:200gm
Really fresh double thick cream:170gm
Vanilla Essence:1 Tsp


Piping Bag
Cheese Grater
Dark Chocolate /Plain Chocolate
Icing Sugar


  • Separate the white and yolk from the egg.
  • Melt the Butter at Room Temperature.
  •  Prepare the hot Coffee Decoratation by mixing 1.5 Tsp Dogwe Egbert Instant Coffee Powder with 1 Cup of Water.
Cake Preparation:
  • Preheat the Fan Assisted Oven to 180 C. In a large Mixing Bowl , add Butter & Sugar. Beat them well using an electric mixer until really smooth.Now incorporate the yolk and beat well.
  • Add the dry ingredients - Self Raising Flour , Baking Powder , Baking soda & coco powder followed by wet Ingredients - Hot Coffee decoratation & Milk  one by one with regular mixing after each incorporation.
  • Beat the White separately until a rising peak is achieved . Now add the chocolate pieces after melting them in the microwave for a minute to the Egg White Mixture. Mix Well. Add this White Mixture to the large mixing bowl containing the rest of the ingredients.
  • Using an hand blender , wisk the mix for about 1-2 minutes until all the lumps are gradually gone.

  • Grease 2 Sandwitch Cake tins of 21cms with a lil butter and dust a bit of coco powder all around. Pour the cake mix in the sandwitch tin upto 3/4th and place it in the oven. Remaining mix could be poured into a muffins mould.
  • Bake for nearly 45minutes until a wooden skewer inserted comes out neat.  Let it rest in the wire rack for a while( about 30 minutes) until the cake cools.This is a highly impatient period when we cant wait to see out results of our efforts.

For Frosting :
  • Add all the chocolate pieces in a large microwave safe bowl and melt them in the microwave with regular stirring every 20 secs. By about 2 minutes everything will be melted. Incorporate the melted butter, fresh double thick cream, vanilla essence and icing sugar and stir until all lumps are gone.
  • This Chocolate Fudge Frosting begins to hold itself right from the begining. Incase it gets a bit hardened because of cooling, just microwave for 30 secs to achieve the desired consistency.

Cake Assembling:
  • Carefully turn them upside down from the sandwitch tin over the large plate. Make sure they dont crumble.
  • I did hurry a bit , so my cake from the large cake tin did crumble.(Moreover it was of the silicone variety).
  • Traditional tins did the wonder.
  • First decorate the cake drum . I dusted a bit of icing sugar all over and scrapped a few dark and milk chocolate pieces on them. Now place the first cake over it. Using a knife spread the Fudge Frosting all over the cake and in the sides. Dip Knife in Hot water inbetween spreads .It did help me .
  • Gently place the second cake over the first.  Spread the Frosting all over and allow it to flow over the sides too. Using a clean knife , spread them neatly in the circumference of the cake.

  • Preparare a mixture for the piping bag. Take a little of the mixture aside and add the icing sugar and mix them well . This mixture will be thicker than the frosting one. Fill the piping bag and draw lines all around the cake , just like I did.
  • Add  chocolate crumbles at the tip of the cake to complete the cake drum.
  • For the top decoration , use  a cheese knife and grate dark chocolate and plain chocolate alternatively in the sides to achieve curls & cover the cake. Decorate the edges with smarties .
  • I chilled this cake for 2 days and put it out of the refrigerator few hours before the cake cutting.
  • Enjoy this preparation of my birthday cake with your loved ones.

 Kitchen Notes :
  • A Cake with egg bakes faster than an Eggless Mixture .
  • This measurement yields 2 sandwitch cake tins of 21 cm and 1 cake tin of 21cm.  


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