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  Yes.... You heard it right.. An eggless Chocolate cake.. and guess wot ?? It didnt taste any different and the texture and the softness stayed right throughout :) This was one of my happy baking...time and I will truely cherish.... Using an egg is not an issue at all.. The thought that if I bake a cake at any point of time in India, the elderly crowd wud just stay away coz its got an egg... So didnt want to drive them away from such delectable desserts .

Well.. since this recipe has my first layering & frosting effort... I did read a couple of blogs , webpages to know how its really done and tried to understand the different kinds...Felt it was difficult .. only until I started the process. Didnt realise when it was all done...
Madhuram's Eggless Baking is the lovely blog that I came across everytime in my search .Totally appreciate her for the choice of ingredients and  the substitutions. For the Original Cake Recipe click here . I have done a couple of variations - Used Self Raising flour instead of All Purpose flour ,Low fat stirred yogurt instead of Silken Tofu. Used Low fat Baking Vegetable Oil instead of Canola Oil & eliminated the use of salt. I tried a Ganache frosting and not the one in the recipe..

Sending this lovely delectable layer cake to

Let me wish all my blog friends a Merry Christmas and a Happpy New Year. On this note.. I would like to add that  I will be on a break until end of Jan.Will b missing all the beatiful blog posts and would love to catch up when time permits.  See you all in the new year .

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For the Cake:

Self Raising Flour:2 Cups
Baking Powder: 1 Tsp
Baking Soda: 2 Tsp
Unsweetened cocopowder: 3/4th Cup
Granulated White Sugar: 1.5 Cups
Low fat Vegetable Oil for lighter baking : 1 Cups
Hot Coffee Decoration: 1 Cup
Milk: 1 Cup
Vanila Extract: 1 Tsp
Low fat stirred yogurt: 1 Cup

Yogurt is an excellent and an easily available egg substitution.  We replace every 1 egg with 1/4th cup of Yogurt. So egg lovers can make the same recipe with 4 eggs .

Ganache Frosting :

Butter :2 Tsp
Chopped Dark Chocolate: 80gm
Chopped Milk Chocolate: 100gm
Creme fraiche or ( Heavy Cream): 300ml
Vanilla essence: 2 Tsp
Royal Icing Sugar ( Silver Spoon Brand): 200gm



  • Hot Coffee Decoration: Mix 1 tsp of Dogwe Egbert Instant coffee with 1cup of Boiling Water .
  • Yogurt Mix : Mix every 3 table spoon of stirred yogurt with 1 table spoon of water.


Cake Preparation:
Method for any cake preparation is the same..Preheat the oven . Mix all the dry ingredients & wet ingredients separately. Prepare a well and incorporate the wet ingredients slowly  into the dry and blend well.We follow just the same process here too.

  • Preheat the oven to 180 C . In a large mixing bowl , mix Self Raising Flour , Baking Powder , Baking Soda  & Granulated Sugar . Swift them well with a spatula and make a well kind in the center.
  • Add the butter at room temperature , Hot coffee mix , Milk , Vanilla essence  & stirred yogurt one by one with regular mixing after each incorporation.
  • Using an hand blender , wisk the mix for about 1-2 minutes until all the lumps are gradually gone.
  • Grease the Cake tin with a lil butter and dust a bit of coco powder all around. Pour the cake mix in the tin  upto 3/4th and place it in the oven.  Remaining mix could be poured into a muffins mould.
  • Bake for nearly 1h -1.10h until a wooden skewer inserted comes out neat. (My cake wasnt done in 30 minutes like most recipes said.)  Let it rest in the wire rack for a while( about 30 minutes) until the cake cools.This is a highly impatient period when we cant wait to see out results of our efforts.
For Frosting :
  • Heat the sauce pan filled upto 3/4 full of water in a medium flame and place another vessel over it.
  • Add 2 tsp of butter and once it begins to melt , add  the broken chocolate pieces in batches and keep stiring until they all melt. Incorporate Creme fraiche and a couple of drops of vanilla essence and keep stiring for 30 seconds. Include the icing sugar and stir for another 2-3 minutes.
  • Keep this indulgent frosting aside for 30 minutes (room temperature) until it cools a bit and starts holding itself.


  • Carefully turn the cake upside down from the baking tin and place it in a large plate. Since I didnt use 2 separate cake tins , I had to carefully slice it horizontally with a large knife and keep it aside in another large plate. This gives us 2 layers. We will need aditional flat spatula's to move and lift the cake coz there is a tendancy to break.This procedure requires FRAGILE handling.
  • Now over one of the cake layers , spread the frosting with a knife and allow it to flow in the sides.
  • Gently and carefully place the second layer over the first . Pour the frosting all over the cake and gently spread over the top and sides.
  • I didnt have any decoration... Wasnt prepared with it.. SO used  Dark Chocolate chips to do the decoration bit.. and  my Indulgence chocolate cake was ready to be served.
  • Allow the cake to cool and settle and serve after an hour or the next day.
  • I have used less of sugar in my cake preparation  as the frosting was extra sweet and I was sure the taste will blend well. 
  • For those who are interested in trying just the cake , increase the sugar by another 1/2 cup.
  • I do not use Salt in my Cake or muffin preparations. I feel the flour already has some salt.. I have had a horrible experience with my first muffins too. I did add 1/2 tsp salt as in the recipe.. and it tasted awefully salty.. and had to bin the whole thing.
  • Being a layer cake , I should have ideally used 2 cakes baked separately and then piled one above the other. But since I had all the ingredients , I didnt want to wait for another tin but decided to bake 1 cake in 9" round cake tin and cút them when cooled. It had to be done really really carefully and requires a special skill.
  • I somehow managed to cut them horizontally ( on a sad note , it did chip a bit . I rectified it by sticking a few broken bits. Ganache frosting was melting on it and it did the needful.)
  • The cake tasted moist and better the next day and even better when kept in the fridge the day after.
    Updated: This mix yields 2 sandwitch tins sized 21 cm and 1 medium sixed cake tin of 21cm.


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