Rasam Powder straight from my Grandma's Kitchen

Rasam Powder
ringing this Podi straight from my grandma's kitchen. This was first among the recipes I jotted before moving to London . You will find a difference in my lingo in this post... :) Coz its just as my darling granny told me in her broken tanglish and I did a literal translation. Till date I have never bought any of these kitchen essential powders.. Just love the home made aroma...
Will post dosa molagapodi & other podi's soon.. with no alterations..
For Sambar powder from my family recipe , find here.

Rasam Powder


Dhaniya ( Coriander Seeds): 1 Cup
Molagavettal (Dry red Chilli): 1/2 Cup
Kadala parup (Chana Dal): 1 tsp
Tuvaram parup(Tur dal): 4 tsp
Mendiyam (Methi Seeds): 1 tsp
Kurumolagu(BlackPepper):2 tsp
Jeera (Cumin Seeds):2 tsp
Karugapulai(Curry Leaves):Few for fragrance
Peringayam(Asofoetidata): 2 tsp
Kadugu (Mustard Seeds): 1/4 tsp

  • First fry ingredients 4 to 10 in a saucepan until it turns light red in color.Meanwhile just before transfering to a plate add curry leaves and fry for 1 min or so. Now remove it and place it in a wide plate to cool down .
  • Fry ingredients 1 to 3 until it gets a little heated.
  • Once All the fried ingredients get cooled , grind them together.
  • Rasam powder is ready to be used.
  • This powder can be made in large quantities and stored in air tight container.

  • All the ingredients are fried , just to eliminate the raw smell.
  • Rasam is very soothing to throat , when one is suffering from Cold. Pepper in the Rasam Powder is a good antiseptic.


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