Maaladu - Roasted Spilt gram Ladoo

Diwali feast has begun... with sweets n savouries... I was just soo excited when I made my first sweet for this festival yesterday... That too my most favourite one... never really tried hands at making them from scratch.. coz I love it the way my Amma does it.. No one can beat tat flavour :)
I remember burning my hands 2 years back... when I tried to make a ladoo's... but then I ditched the whole process...

Uh... I was a total amateur then.. Definitely feel progressed.... in my cooking skills.....
This is my first try at it .. I am just making for 1 cup. I cud make them in 1/2 an hour.
Got this recipe from my Amma yesterday..... Find below her notes..


Potukadali / Split Dalia / Roasted Chana Dal ****1 Cup
Sugar1 Cup
Fresh GheeAs required to make the ladu's ( roughly 3-4 big spatulas)
Cardamon2 -3 Nos
CashewnutsAbout 10 of them broken into small pieces

 *** Roasted Split gram/Chana Dal

This measurement got me 12 medium sized laddu's.


  • Dry Roast Pottukadalai for about 2 minutes in low flame and then grind them into a fine powder.
  • Grind Sugar along with cardamon into a fine powder .
  • Fry Cashewnuts in 1 tsp of ghee until they turn slightly brown.Mix all all of them together

    and now add hot ghee. Make sure ... DO NOT PUT YOUR HANDS IN THEM right away. Use a big Spatula to mix them first evenly. Now make small laddu shaped balls with your hands when warm.
  • Let it cool for few minutes... coz it will definitely harden a bit.
I know its irresistible... but the real taste could be enjoyed when the balls harden slightly .

Kitchen Notes :
Grind the pottukadalai into a fine powder. Not rava like.
Make sure to use a Spatula for stirring the powders and not with the Hand.
Do not use a plastic bowl for this preparation as the hot ghee would corrode the plastic.

Event Time....

Sending them to
Priya's Diwali 2009 event
Purva's Diwali Dhamaka

Have a rocking Diwali with your family n friends....
I definitely promise you a full feast from the Diwali Celebrations soooon.....


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