Before every visit to the Indian Grocer, I make a humble attempt to have a quick glance through the provisions so that I do not forget to pick up something really essential for the upcoming week or ignore any particular lentils already at home. During this customary control, I found a packet of dried green peas , sneaking from the transparent box, stacked over the shelf. Its normally around Sept - Oct , for Navrathri ,is when I cook them up to a tasty sundal, that everyone enjoys .
This time I couldn't hold myself that long .. instead I decided to cook them up in to a Green peas masala..
But before that, the habitual photographer in me, decided to try my hands on picturing them.

Gorgeous day light was falling on the lentils and it was the day to shoot these resplendent Peas. I thoroughly enjoyed the experiment and the learnings that went in to this, that I couldn't resist sharing with all my virtual friends on Facebook.

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Product Review | Alpro Soya Milk

Alpro Soya Mild Milk - Product Review

It was late last week , that a mail messenger knocked on door steps .. Knock Knock !! Happy Feet when a parcel arrives just for you :) , isn't it ? Posts and parcels makes my missy and me chirpy. She quickly hurried into the kitchen , as I was signing for it. The moment the post man left, missy followed behind me in to the dining room , like a lil pup wagging her tail. She had 'the so called big people's scissors' to cut open the parcel.  Asserted in excitement - Wow !!
There was a carefully packed Freezer safe bag with a thermos ice block , Alpo mild Soya Milk, Milk frother and to go bottle in a classy compact packaging .
Alpro Soya Mild Milk - Product Review

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Honey and Vanilla Cake

Ever since I have completed 30 Day's to better food photography course, I have learn't to stare, gaze and study the images online. Trying to understand why that wonderful image has been staged like that ?Is the feel rustic or fresh or white or colourful ? Why the Napkin has been twirled and twisted and not just neat ? Is the photographer trying to convey a casual feeling or a fine dining or just for fun or what else?
In an attempt to learn and understand , which is non stop learning curve , I never fail to visit one of my favorite photographer's blog -  Tartelette  by Helen Dujarin.
I owe a lot of my learnings to the book Plate to Pixel and some enhancements to her blog too. Gazing through different posts , I came across this post on Honey Vanilla Cake at her's. Totally loved it. Made them twice . In my second attempt , I reduced the flour by 1/4 of a cup. I had made this wonderful tea cake in March , but for some reasons I did not find time to draft a post for it .

Honey and Vanilla Cake

This healthy  tea cake caught my attention, since it had a portion of Honey in it. I have to admit ! I have never used honey in my baking .. and I was really curious how its going to taste in the bake .
Wonderful is an understatement .. Mild and a glory at Tea Time for sure.  You bet now , why I made it twice on consecutive days. The kids in the house loved it , but thats just one reason. I was no where convinced with my pictures the first day and the cake was all over. So I went to bake all over again and shot them !! Extremely pleased I did them all over again. Don't you think so ?? Have a look at the difference between the first set that's white and the new set in grey.

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Coori free from
When you hear words like Free From, Gluten Free, Nut Free , Dairy Free, yet offering delicious tasting food for all to enjoy , I really grew a bit curious !! How could one enjoy a range of tasty food,regardless of allergies,intolerances and dietary restraints ? Well the answer is COORI .
Yes !! Coori has created a range of Free From products that taste absolutely fabulous , even while bring free from any ingredients one wishes to avoid.

About Coori
Coori believes that free from food doesn't have to mean taste free food. They exist to provide their customers with the best possible products,help on how to prepare and cook them to perfection and to be available to advise them and to help them enjoy their free from life, whatever their reason. Don't forget to check out their wide range of  Free from products !!

Coori Free From | EventI could definitely not deny, when I received an email to attend a Cook Up event with COORI. I had no clue what to expect in there. There was a small bunch of people having a little chit chat and enjoying the delicacies , mostly Vegan and #FreeFrom. As I entered into Foodat52 Cookery School, the ambience was absolutely contemporary, welcoming and a feeling there is more to this. Hannah and her colleagues welcomed me warmly with a drink and giving me an intro to different cooked up dishes .

We were then given a brief about the cook up demonstration and hands on we were going to experience. I had never been to a cooking school , nor undergone any formal training..So this was really exciting !! As we walked down the stairs, there was huge table , spaced out cooking stations with neatly arranged ingredients just what was needed to cook. But what were we cooking ?? Totally clueless ! I had missed the first 5 minutes of briefing as I was busy shooting the contemporary lounge at Foodat52.

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Cauliflower is UK's kind of staple vegetable and you get them soo damn clean, fresh and in different sizes that one will be tempted to just grab them off the shelf. I was in just a random shopping spree to get them home ,even if we have just had it that week.

Sometimes we tend to get soo greedy too .. That day when I picked this humongous extra large veggie the price was the same as any other x small or small. And that week , we had Gobi Paratha , Pav Bhaji , still nearly more than half Cauliflower left. I had to make something of its own to finish them all.. and I made Cauliflower Curry.  Just dry . No Masala No Onion No Garlic.

Growing up in a family where 1 kilo of Onions can last for Two months..  Amma would personally not prefer to use Onions in a lot of curry, There was as such no restrictions , but somehow she never liked it much. Moreover its a No No  , if its Tuesday or a Friday. And if there is a festival around the corner, Amma would not buy them at all. Now you could imagine how and why Onions could last soo long in Amma's pantry.

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